Greening the Old Red Barn (our sustainability effort)

What we've done
  • Switched to all LED lights (the light is pretty nice quality)
  • Use a clothes line to dry linens (things end up a little wrinkly sometimes)

Things we are planning
  • Solar hot water pre-heating (warm the water before it goes to the HW tank)
  • Solar heating (solar warmed air to supplement the heating system)
  • Grey water for irrigation (from the sink, shower and washing machine)
  • Replace the gas cookstove with something more efficient

What you can do
  • All those things your mom told you (turn off the lights, close the door, don't waste water)
  • Recycle (we have mixed stream, just but it all in the container)
  • Drink our water & refill your water bottle (save your bottled water for later in your trip)
  • Walk to Safeway for groceries (you can see it from the Barn)
  • Eat local (Moscow Food Co-op and Farmers Market have great local food)